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You can curate your fabric collection in 5 days!

Get organized and get your sewing space back So you can find creativity through the art of sewing. 

Free challenge starts July 11, 2022!

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Challenge Starts July 11, 2022!

Get clarity on how to go from fabric chaos to calm. This 5-day challenge will kick start you into finally tackling something that has been on your mind for awhile now. Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement to start a project that you have been meaning to do. We all have been there.

Join others in the same boat as you, piles and bins of fabric and notions everywhere. I mean is this you?


  • You can never find the fabric you are looking for.
  • Or the fabric spills into other areas of the home.
  • You buy new fabric only to find later that you already had that fabric.


Curating your fabric can save you time, money and aggravation. You just have to put in the work. And I will be with you the whole way.

You deserve to create the clothing that is fun and unique to you. 

  • You can learn new ways of tapping your superpowers so you can embrace your growth and passion for sewing.
  • This challenge will give you tools and systems to reduce friction and help with executive function malfunction. Sometimes, the hardest part of any project is just starting.
  • You don’t lack self discipline. You aren’t lazy. Your brain just works differently. When you are in the zone, creativity pours from you like warm summer sunshine on a field of flowers.


Althea’s channel is a refreshing take on videos about historical costuming and history bounding! I love the process/planning videos that show an approachable way to achieve your own history bounding style, as well as the mix of research and personal experiences shared throughout the videos ❤️

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