to harness your ADHD superpowers and find joy in your creativity again. You are in the right place.

It gladdens the heart ...

… in seeing people find joy in something they thought they lost or could never attain. I want you to feel the joy of swishing around in your favorite dress that you made. Or taking a bike ride in a tweed waistcoat that you sewed. 

I want you to be able to go into your sewing space and feel joy in making something that is so uniquely you. I want you to get rid of limiting beliefs and know that you and your brain can be friends. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Elf hat on fence post

Auntie Althea is here to help you get your sewjo back.

It’s time

to harness your ADHD superpowers and find joy in your creativity again. You are in the right place.

Hi. I’m Althea, your ADHD creativity sewing cheerleader!

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Live The


If you and your brain seem at odds with each other, does this sound familiar?

  • Your sewing space is so cluttered and disorganized that you can’t find anything
  • You have at least a half dozen half finished projects
  • You hyperfocus so deep on an unrelated but very interesting topic or project, that you forget to do the one thing you were supposed to do in the first place
  • You constantly fail to complete projects on time
  • You’ve lost your sewing motivation because of frustrations over perfectionism 


Oh, you’re in just the right spot, friend!

That’s where I come in. Auntie Althea, your sewing cheerleader.

To help you unlock that amazing brain of yours, I am offering an 8-week course this fall. I’m busy developing it to give you the best tools and systems to harness your adhd superpowers. Let me help you get your sewjo back.

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Squirrel brain

Hi, I’m Althea Rizzo. Dr. Althea Rizzo if you want to be all formal. I earned my doctorate at Oregon State University in the realm of “the cultural and historical aspects of the built environment with a minor in anthropology.” What this really means is that I studied how humans create, value, and use the stuff we surround ourselves with, from clothing to cities.

My dissertation research focused on an historical recreation group, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), and how the knight’s regalia, and the value placed on the items, reflected the wider values of the society as a whole.

It was not an easy ride to get my doctorate degree. I had undiagnosed adult ADHD. Anyone with ADHD reading this knows exactly what I struggled with. On top of ADHD, I was a single parent of two hellions that I love with everything I have. Oh, and funding in the humanities sucks balls so I also worked to help pay for things.


Althea’s channel is a refreshing take on videos about historical costuming and history bounding! I love the process/planning videos that show an approachable way to achieve your own history bounding style, as well as the mix of research and personal experiences shared throughout the videos ❤️

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