Curate Your Fabric Course

Turn your chaotic fabric stash into a well-curated and organized collection so that you can thrive through the art of sewing.

Trust me, you can do this!

Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed with all of the fabric and stuff in our sewing space that we simply can’t be creative and productive. Piles of fabric, many totes, bags, and baskets over full, Shelves with teetering piles of fabric.

When you can’t find the fabric that you know you have, or buy fabric only to find you already have it, or notions so jumbled and messy you just go buy new to avoid dealing with the chaos.

Avoiding and ignoring the problem only makes things worse and increases the paralysis that is keeping you from sewing the beautiful garments that you love to wear.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

Deciding to make changes in your life can be big and scary. It may take several tries to change your thinking and learn new patterns. Patterns of thinking that support a positive frame of mind. Any change in behavior comes from changing your thinking.

This course isn’t just a class about fabric organization, but also will help to find ways that work for you to overcome the years of self-doubt, failed efforts, and thinking you can’t make real changes in your life.


You will join a growing community of fellow squirrel brans committed to changing their narrative from the one they have lived with for years to a new way that draws them from the paralysis. We are the stories we tell ourselves so tell yourself that you can change your narrative to one that works for you instead of against you. Life is hard enough, don’t add to your burdens.

what is the course?

This 4 week course consists of weekly assignments targeted to shirt your perspective so you can make lasting changes. Starting with some self-examination about why you are so dis-organized. The following lessons teach you about systems and gives you tools that you can work with to create calm space to be creative in.


The Facebook community group will introduce you to others struggling with ADHD and who are like you, committed to changing their thinking. You will find other creative people and will fit right in. You have found your people.

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